Losing weight easier than ever with DNA testing!

Bella Mia now offers DNA testing in their Weight Loss Program!

The term DIET has become a four letter word in our society, and immediately becomes associated with restrictions and misery. But what if it doesn’t have to be? What if you could find the perfect way of eating that is specifically designed, down to your DNA, to work best for you and your body? Well, what seems like science fiction is now a reality with advances in DNA testing, we can now use our own genetics to unlock the keys to customizable weight loss plans.

“DNA” – Dietary Needs Accomplished!

Our DNA is like the blueprint for our bodies. It possesses the code, structure and information that keeps us running and determines everything about us. So, just like our genetic code determines our eye, hair and skin color, it goes much deeper than that to even determine how we react to certain foods. It’s time pay attention to our individual needs and stop chasing a “one size fits all” approach to diet and nutrition.

Everyone’s Body Is Different

Typical weight loss plans fail to take into consideration the fact that every single body is different. Similar to the fact that we all have varying tastes in foods – our DNA and genetics respond differently to food once it’s entered our bodies. What might work for one, won’t necessarily work for another. And therein lies the genius of DNA testing to design a weight loss plan that’s personalized to YOU. The American Dietary Association (ADA) recognizes only four main diet types: Paleo, Mediterranean, Low Carb and Low Fat. Choosing to follow any one of these diets is a great start, but your results may vary depending on your genetic makeup. If you choose Low Fat, but your body may respond more favorably to a Paleo way of eating, even though your caloric intake may be the same, your results may not be gratifying. DNA testing enables a diet choice that is paired with your genetic code to get the best results from your efforts.

Let YOUR BODY tell you what you need.

DNA testing for weight loss is the best way to get fast results from all your hard work. No more restriction diets that bear no fruit, no more counting calories and coming up short! Bella Mia Medical is now offering this revolutionary weight loss hack, by accessing DNA testing as part of their weight loss program. Unlike other clinics in the Tampa Bay area, you see our doctors at every visit, enabling you to stay informed and connected. And with our concierge-style practice, you can stay motivated because your doctor is available to answer all of your questions at all times of the day with our messaging system. Don’t wait until your next appointment with questions or concerns that can halt your weight loss process; our physicians are here to guide you every step of the way to ensure you have a successful weight loss journey.

So call Bella Mia Medical today at (813) 773-3661 to find out more about this remarkably effective approach to mastering your own dietary needs! And be sure to ask about our January special – You’ll be glad that you did.