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Do we gain weight as we age?

The term DIET has become a four-letter word in our society, and immediately becomes associated with restrictions and misery. Let’s face it, dieting is a dreaded task and can leave you feeling extremely frustrated when the results are slow or not maintainable. But here at Bella Mia Medical our weight loss program is different from many others out there. What if I told you that you could find the perfect way of eating that is specifically designed, based on your DNA, to work best for you and your body? Well, what seems like science fiction is now a reality! With advances in DNA testing, we can now use your own genetics to unlock the keys to customizable weight loss plans. Absolutely! Isn’t true that when you were a teenager you could eat bigger quantities of food and barely gain any weight? Now that you are older you eat even less and anything bumps that scale a few pounds up! There’s a direct correlation between aging and weight gain. As we get older, our metabolism seems to slow down and the body begins to function less efficiently than it did in earlier years. Our hormones play an important part in how we feel and how we look. If your hormones are not balanced, you could be trying to diet for weeks without any results which becomes frustrating and seems like a waste of time. You might also feel like you don’t have the energy to exercise and the weight just keeps piling on. At Bella Mia Medical we monitor all of your hormones and make sure they are optimal even before you start your diet. We make sure you get a comprehensive blood panel that includes checking your thyroid levels and reproductive hormones, your sugar levels, vitamins, blood counts, live enzymes among many other important tests that are often neglected.

Why is DNA genetic testing important?

Our DNA is like the blueprint for our bodies. It possesses the code, structure and information that keeps us running and determines everything about us. So, just like our genetic code determines our eye, hair and skin color, it goes much deeper than that to even determine how we react to certain foods. Typical weight loss plans fail to take into consideration the fact that every single body is different. Similar to the fact that we all have varying tastes in foods – our DNA and genetics respond differently to food once it’s entered our bodies. What might work for one, won’t necessarily work for another. And therein lies the genius of DNA testing to design a weight loss plan that’s personalized to YOU. The American Dietary Association (ADA) recognizes only four main diet types: Paleo, Mediterranean, Low Carb and Low Fat. Choosing to follow any one of these diets is a great start, but your results may vary depending on your genetic makeup. If you choose Low Fat, but your body may respond more favorably to a Paleo way of eating, even though your caloric intake may be the same, your results may not be gratifying. DNA testing enables a diet choice that is paired with your genetic code to get the best results from your efforts. This is why the weight loss program at Bella Mia Medical is better than others in the area… it is customized just for you!

What is included with the diet program?

Our diet program consists of 12 weeks of guided medical supervision with detailed instructions of the diet and everything below: An initial visit with one of our physicians at our clinic that includes a detailed history, a full physical exam, and blood work orders to check your labs. A follow up comprehensive visit to discuss all the results and determine the best diet plan for you. It also includes 10 weeks of one-on-one doctor visits… yes, the doctors will see you at every single visit. Personalized DNA testing and a customized diet plan based on your individual DNA results, which will guide you on which foods will stimulate your metabolism and be beneficial for your weight loss. Included are also 6 weeks of HCG injections and the full protocol (if applicable), as well as a 6 weeks supply of Natural Supplements, all weekly in-office injections, and prescriptions needed for the program.

Why should you visit our clinic?

DNA testing for weight loss is the best way to get fast results from all your hard work. No more restriction diets that bear no fruit, no more counting calories, and coming up short! We have a concierge style practice where the doctors will be guiding you at all times, so we make sure you stay on track and are successful once you start this journey. This system allows patients to reach our physicians at any time with any questions, so you won’t find yourself lost, at home without knowing what to do. We also take into account every patient’s eating habits, metabolism, diet preferences, cooking abilities, exercise, and much more to help promote a lifestyle change that will allow you to maintain your weight loss even after the diet is completed. If you have been searching for a place that can help you get to your goal weight and maintain it, then we are the ones you have been looking for all along. Call us today to schedule your free consultation with our physicians and experience firsthand what our program is all about. Take that first step to being healthy, happy, and enjoying a better quality of life. You’ll be glad you did!!

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