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About 12% of American’s suffer from yellow, discolored, and thickened toenail fungus known as Onychomycosis. The bad news is that there is no 100% cure for this unsightly fungus and current medication prescribed to suppress this can pose unnecessary stress to your liver with poor efficacy.

The good news is that laser treatment of nail fungus is a very effective proven method that offers a new alternative to oral medications. Bella Mia Medical now offers the latest, most advanced treatment of laser toenail fungus with proven clinical protocols to achieve maximum success.

With onychomycosis, the visible changes of the toenail are usually gradual and tend to worsen over time. There are several types of fungus that can cause onychomycosis, and the condition may develop after trauma to the foot or as a complication of athlete’s foot.

What Are The Symptoms?

  • Yellow, white, or brown discoloration of the affected toenail
  • Flaky debris under or on the nail
  • Onycholysis- detachment of the nail from the nail bed below
  • Thickening of the nail or a change in texture
  • Changes in the shape of the nail, such as an increase in curvature

What to Expect

Laser devices emit pulses of energy that impart heat to tissues such as nails and skin. The laser energy penetrates through the toenail to the nail bed where the fungus is likely also present.

The laser is believed to exert antifungal activity by killing the mold or fungal organisms. When these microbes absorb the heat, they are destroyed. Pulsing the laser or using selected wavelengths helps minimize heat on the skin, which reduces the risk of bleeding and pain. There may also be other, still-unidentified factors at play which aid in clearing the infection.

An initial consultation for laser onychomycosis treatment involves an evaluation of the symptoms and possibly filing down of the nail (debridement). Typically, onychomycosis is diagnosed based on the appearance of the nail, but a sample may be taken for examination under a microscope if necessary.

The laser will be maneuvered over any affected nails and may even be used over non-affected nails. One session typically lasts 30 minutes or less.

While some people experience resolution of the infection with a single treatment, additional treatments may be recommended depending on the results. Even effective treatments are not expected to clear an infected nail immediately—it may take up 12 months until the nail grows out to determine if the treatment has been successful.

Now is the time to take action and stop feeling embarrassed about a common and treatable condition. We can help you! Call now to schedule your FREE consultation with one of our doctors.

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