About us

At Bella Mia Medical Aesthetics and Laser Institute of Tampa, Dr. Linette Rivera and Dr. Pina Panchal help men and women look and feel their best. Dr. Rivera and Dr. Panchal share the vision of treating the whole patient to boost happiness and health on the inside and out. At this upscale, modern clinic, Dr. Rivera and Dr. Panchal make you feel at ease as they partner with you to enhance your natural beauty. They’re extensively trained, board-certified physicians who provide a variety of metabolic, hormonal, and aesthetic services, including weight loss, laser treatments, injectables, and bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. Our doctors take the time out of their schedule to attend conferences and continuous medical education, which keeps them constantly learning about new products, new injection techniques and the latest science in laser technology to make your experience with us a pleasant and unforgettable one. Dr. Rivera and Dr. Panchal believe that age is just a number, and that with the right hormone balance, lifestyle changes, and self-confidence, you can feel your best and enjoy a better quality of life.