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I would recommend her without a doubt

I have received treatment for Botox and fillers from Dr. Rivera twice. Both experiences have been great. Dr. Rivera explained clearly what she was about to do and made sure I understood. Results have been rewarding. I feel and look great! People notice the changes and compliment me frequently. I plan to keep visiting the clinic for more and would recommend her without a doubt.”


– Margie C.

I was very pleased with the end results

Dr. Rivera, as a first timer I want to really thank you for making a scary (fillers) situation a pleasant one. The hurt was minimum and the clinic prices for Botox and fillers are really reasonable. I was very pleased with the end results. Thank you!”


– Carmen B.

this team has created the new Gold Standard in Medical Aesthetics

Having IPL laser treatment & skincare performed by experienced, board certified physicians with the latest in laser technology puts this team, Dr. Pina Panchal-Morales and Dr. Linette Rivera, above and beyond traditional Medi-spas. From the customized consultation to the detailed treatments, this team has created the new Gold Standard in Medical Aesthetics”


– Lori O.

The Results have been great!

I was recently treated for hyperhidrosis with Botox on my under arms by Dr. Panchal.  She was very professional and thoroughly explained the procedure and took the time to address all the questions I had.  The procedure was quick and virtually painless, and the results have been great!! I would highly recommend Dr. Panchal and Bella Mia for your medical aesthetic needs!"


– Anil P.

 I am still very happy with how my skin looks.

I have had multiple procedures done in more than one session. I have done Belotero, Botox & Radiesse for my face and hands. With the nasolabial treatment I saw the fine lines and wrinkles disappear within hours. Belotero and Radiesse provided very natural results with minimal swelling and discoloration that was completely gone within 24 hours. The pain is minimal and well worth the results!  It has been weeks since I have had the procedures done and I am still very happy with how my skin looks.


Laser Resurfacing was my favorite procedure with the best results (instant)! Additionally, I received the Radiesse treatment on my hands for fuller/youthful looking skin. There was no pain and a little bit of swelling that subsided within a few days. During my treatment and recovery both Dr. Panchal and Dr. Rivera checked in on me to make sure I was both comfortable and satisfied. I would highly recommend all of the services I received from both Dr. Pina Panchal and Dr. Linette Rivera. I recommend Bella Mia Medical to anybody who is looking for a time machine to bring back their youthful appearance.”


– Laura M.

Outstanding Results

They are excellent and very professional, yet warm. Outstanding results!”


– Susan R.

Highly Recommended

Wonderful Dr’s. Concierge style customer service that is affordable and accessible. Highly recommend!”


– Michele D.


"I have struggled with acne since I was a teenager. My scarring has darkened over time and is evident even after applying makeup. To help reduce the hyperpigmentation, I decided to try the VI peel. The peeling process takes a while, with burning and itching most intense on the first night. However, anti-itch ointment and Benadryl greatly reduced any discomfort. My skin began peeling around day 4 and finished after 10 days. While I will need another peel to fully resolve my issues, I have noticed a huge improvement in my skin’s tone and texture with just one treatment. My skin is very soft and my scars have faded. The doctors messaged me frequently to see how I was doing and explained the procedure and what I would expect in detail. Overall, I am pleased with the outcomes and will consider further treatments in the future.”




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