slim waist

Our passion for fitness and health is what makes Bella Mia Medical have great weight loss success stories among their patients. We want to not only help you lose weight but most importantly... keep it off.


We make sure to customize a diet for every patient based on their needs and lifestyle. Below are some of the diets available for our patients in our clinic.

  • hCG diet
  • Calorie Controlled Diet
  • Cleanse Detox Diet

How it works

Evaluation Visit

Determine best weight loss regimen for the patient, assess medically (full physical exam) and order labs.

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Protocol Initiation Visit

  • Diet Protocol orientation and teaching
  • Reviewing all blood work with the doctor
  • Receive medication protocol and prescriptions needed
  • Intramuscular injections

Follow up visits

(once a week)

  • Weight-ins, diet tracking and adjustments in the protocol
  • Medication replenishment
  • Intramuscular injections
FIT Method 4:13

Bella Mia Medical is excited to partner with FIT Method 4:13 to help our clients maintain their weight loss and also develop lifestyle modifications for long term fitness, activity, nutrition, and healthy weight management.