Bioidentical hormone replacement

bioidentical hormone replacement

Many women around the world wonder if Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy is right for them. After the age of 40 and even earlier for some patients, we start experiencing symptoms, which indicate a decline in some of our hormones.


Sometimes we think these symptoms could be due to normal aging or are part of our daily life (stress). Unfortunately, this is a misconception since even as we age there are ways to balance your hormones to make you feel healthier and younger.


Hormones control 90% of the functions in our body therefore you could be having multiple symptoms, from different organ systems which could be fixed just by starting a topical medication (cream).


Are you experiencing any of these symptoms and are wondering if your hormones need to be optimized?


• Fatigue

• Decreased libido

• Hair loss

• Memory loss

• Insomnia


Bioidentical Hormones are derived from plants and they remain unchanged during the compounding process. This makes them nearly identical to the hormones that exist in the human body. Synthetic hormones even when recommended by some physicians, are associated with serious health conditions including endometrial cancer, heart attacks, elevated liver enzymes and blood clots, among many others. They may also cause side effects that vary with every patient including weight gain, nausea, muscle cramps and even acne.


Dr. Rivera specializes in hormone replacement therapy. As an endocrinologist and a hormone specialist, she can develop a customized treatment plan that not only improves your symptoms but also gives you a better quality of life. She will design a therapy that fits your lifestyle and produces great results. The doctors at Bella Mia Medical have a concierge style practice where you can see the doctor at every visit and they answer any of your questions at any time.


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• Weight gain

• Chronic fatigue

• Irritability

• Foggy brain

• Depression